The Absolute Best Pillows of 2023

Finding a pillow you absolutely love can be frustrating. It seems sometimes the fill has a mind of its own – clumping in weird places, or shifting from where you want it. And the constant readjustment means you don’t sleep as well as you should. Talk about a headache!

It’s clear – the best pillows are essential to a good night’s sleep.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all for pillows — every sleeper is different — the best pillows can help you stay asleep and prevent a sore neck or back. We looked at numerous pillows on the market, tested 10 of the most popular and found the three that we think are the absolute best pillows of 2022.

In this article: Coop  Home Goods The Eden Pillow, Parachute Down Alternative Pillow, Garnet Hill Heirloom pillow

Coop Home Goods The Eden Pillow

Best Overall Pillow

Coop Home Goods Eden pillow - one of the best pillows there is.

The Eden pillow from Coop Home Goods is plush but still supportive, and lets you adjust its fill to match your preferences for height and firmness. Absolutely one of the best pillows we tested.

Parachute Down Alternative Pillow

Best Down Alternative Pillow

If you’re looking for an alternative to a down pillow, this down alternative pillow from Parachute is it. The fill was soft and squishy and never got clumped or got lumpy like a down pill, even after multiple nights of sleeping and washing. The medium firmness pillow was soft and supportive for both back and side sleeping, but other versions are available for those needing more or less support, making this one of the best pillows we could find.

Garnet Hill Heirloom European White Goose Down Pillow

Best Down Pillow

The Garnet Hill Heirloom pillow is 100% down, plush and extremely comfortable, making for a quiet and extra restful night’s sleep. Unlike some of the other best pillows we looked at, the European White Goose Down pillow keeps its shape, with no flattening. In addition, it comes in soft, medium and firm densities to match your needs.

Other Pillows Tested

Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow, Ultimate

$139.99 at Sleep Number

The Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow is an adjustable pillow filled with foam pieces and microfiber. Inside it has three layers of removable inserts, like three pillows in one, which sets it apart from other adjustable pillows. It’s easy to add and remove the inserts layers, especially compared to other adjustable pillows where you have to grab the foam pieces bit by bit. And because the inserts help keep the foam in place, the fill didn’t move round as much as other pillows.

The downside is that you can’t shape the pillow to your personal preference as easily as you can with loose fill. Still, it’s easy to find a comfortable fit. Overall, we preferred having more adjustability, and the Coop Home Goods did just that – and at a lower price – which is why the ComfortFit Pillow doesn’t make our list at the top of the best pillows available.

Nest Bedding Easy Breather Premium Shredded Foam Pillow

$104 $74.90 at Nest

The Nest Easy Breather pillow had a fantastic pillow cover. Silky and luxuriously plush, it was wonderful to sleep on. Unlike so many pillow covers, we didn’t overheat while sleeping. It was cool and sinfully soft- definitely one of our favorite covers. But like other covers, once you put a pillowcase on, it loses some of its coolness.

We also found the pillow’s shredded foam and fiber fill extremely comfortable. Made of shredded foam and fiber, it was supportive but still plush. Overall, however, the pillow’s construction seemed a bit flimsy, especially compared to Coop’s Eden Pillow, which is why we couldn’t rank it as one of the best pillows out there. The pillow is available in standard, queen and king sizes as well as a side sleeper option that has a curved cut-out to make room for your shoulder.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Adjustable Pillow

$89 at Tempur-Pedic

Famous for their memory foam mattresses, it’s no surprise Tempur-Pedic took their signature memory foam and shredded it for use in an adjustable pillow. The Tempur-Cloud pillow uses three different types of foam, designed for pressure relief, comfort and support.

While this pillow didn’t feel as plush as others, it was still comfortable. The downside, however, is that Tempur-Pedic doesn’t offer a trial period. If you don’t like it, you won’t be able to return the Tempur-Cloud adjustable pillow.

Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow, Set of 2

From $120 $90 at Tuft & Needle

Of all the alternative down pillows we tested, this pillow felt the most like a real down pillow. It was soft and comfortable, but made with a polyester fill so there’s no worries about allergies. Even with repeated washes and use it kept returning to its original shape. It was also very comfortable for back and side sleeping – positions Tuft & Needle recommends for this pillow. Stomach sleepers, however, may want to find a different option.

The downside? This alternative down pillow comes in just one single firmness level. So if you like your pillows on the soft or firm side, you may need to look elsewhere.

Amazon Basics Down-Alternative, Firm

$36.35 at Amazon

If you are looking for a quality, yet affordable, pillow, the Amazon Basics pillow is it. Available in two firmness levels – soft and firm – we tested the firm since it was described as “for side and back sleepers”. If you like an extremely dense pillow this may be a good option, but unfortunately this pillow was way too firm for our liking – no “give”, extremely dense, and nearly impossible to adjust comfortably. It definitely won’t change its shape throughout the night, but if you prefer softer pillow definitely you might try the soft version, or try something else. A good pillow – especially for those on a budget – but not one of the best pillows on our list.

Slumber Cloud UltraCool Pillow

$89 at Slumber Cloud

If you sleep hot, take a look at the Slumber Cloud UltraCool pillow.

The Outlast fabric used in the cover of this pillow makes it cool to the touch, way more than any other cooling pillow we tested. As you lay on it, the immediate coolness wears like it does in all pillows, but we never felt overheated. As with all cooling pillows, keeping cool works best without a pillowcase.

While this was a comfortable pillow to sleep on, it wasn’t a top choice because the fill clumped after a few washes. If you wash your pillows often it may not hold up well. The Slumber Cloud UltraCool pillow also trapped a lot of water inside during the wash. It took several dry cycles to get it completely dry.

Brooklinen Down Pillow

$109 at Brooklinen

Brooklinen calls this a down pillow but both the mid-plush and firm options are made mostly of feathers with some down. We tested the mid-plush option, which is 80% feathers and 20% down.

Brooklinen describes the pillow as made using “a dual-core structure with an extra supportive inner layer of feathers, and a super comfy outer layer of down clusters.” We did find that the feathers added support so the pillow doesn’t fall flat, however they also made the pillow feel very crunchy compared to 100% down models, and while quills did not poke through the fabric, they did make it more uncomfortable. The feathers also seemed to clump to one side of the pillow, making some areas really hard and crunchy.

If you want a down pillow but still want firmer support in your down pillows and don’t mind the crunchiness of the feathers, you may enjoy this pillow. However, if you’re looking for a cloud-like down pillow, you’re better off going with the Garnet Hill down pillow.

Casper Foam Pillow With Snow Technology

$139 at Casper

Unlike memory foam pillows that can run hot, we found Casper’s foam pillow with Snow Technology did not overheat during the night. This molded foam pillow has small holes throughout its structure to provide ventilation which helps heat escape without feeling lumpy.

As usual, we found that a pillowcase lessened the cooling effect, so it may be best just to sleep on the bare pillow (it has a removable, washable cover). We found this pillow to be supportive and on the firm side, which was good for side and back sleeping but may be too firm for some stomach sleepers who like a really soft pillow.

Purple Harmony Pillow

$134.25 at Amazon

This pillow from Purple uses the company’s signature honeycomb-patterned purple grid that surrounds a core of latex. The result is a bouncy, squishy pillow that offers firm support. One big advantage of this structure is that it allows air to circulate so your head never overheats. The drawback is that — even though we chose the low pillow height —it was still too tall for us, so if you like a flatter pillow or have a petite frame this pillow may not work for you.

Avocado Molded Latex Pillow

$129 at Avocado

Unlike loose fill that can move around when you sleep, molded latex holds its shape regardless of night time shifts. That makes for a firm, though also somewhat bouncy, pillow. The Avocado molded latex pillow is no different. Sleeping on this pillow can take a few nights with which to get comfortable, but overall it’s a good pillow for the price. Additionally, it’s infused with charcoal, which Avocado says is supposed to eliminate odor and excess moisture.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed price at the time of publication.

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